WAC Air Conditioner

Standard Features

  • SLEEP mode
    Air conditioner will automatically adjust thetemperature and fan speed to make the roommore comfortable during the night. The settemperature will automatically raise every30-60 minutes, and at most change 6x until theset temperature is 81°F-82°F
  • ECO mode
    In ECOmode, the unit will turn-offonce the room is cooled to the user’s settemperature.
  • Timer
    Set the unit to start and stop automatically. It can be set to automatically turn off or on in 0.5-24 hours.
  • The Filter Check light
    Reminder to clean the filter
  • Directional Louvers
    Use the horizontal tabs tocontrol horizontal airflow and the air deflectors tocontrol vertical airflow
  • Fan Speed Mode
    In COOL MODE you can choose the following settings:HI, MED, LO, orAUTO. In FAN MODE you can choose from HI, MED or LO

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Model   UWO-08AC115V
Perfomance Cooling Btu/h 8 000
Power supply     115V~/60Hz
Rated Current Cooling Amp  5.8 
EER   Btu/w.h,w/w  12.1 
CEER   Btu/w.h,w/w 12
Indoor Air Flow Volume   CFM 141/123/106
Outdoor Air Flow Volume   ft3/min 423/370/317
Design Pressure High psi 550
Low psi 300
Noise level   dB(A) 63/60/58
Refrigerant type   oz R32/10.05
Dimensions (width/depth/height)   in 18.58×15.59×13.31
Net/Gross weight   lb 47.4/52.91
Model   UWO-18AC230V
Perfomance Cooling Btu/h 18 000 / 17 000
Power supply     208-230V~/60Hz
Rated Current Cooling Amp 7.1/6.6
EER   Btu/w.h,w/w  11.9 
CEER   Btu/w.h,w/w  11.8 
Indoor Air Flow Volume   CFM 382/352/323
Outdoor Air Flow Volume   ft3/min 764
Design Pressure High psi 550
Low psi 300
Noise level   dB(A) 66/63/60
Refrigerant type   oz R410A/29.98
Dimensions (width/depth/height)   in 23.6×25.4×17.9
Net/Gross weight   lb 116.85/127.87