Dear customer!

Ductless mini split systems OLMO have AHRI and ETL  and ISO 9001. In a case of a warranty claim please report to your installer. Please pay attention to the manufacturer warranty conditions and owner manual. OLMO has a right to refuse a warranty claim in case of violation of the warranty conditions

Warranty conditions

  1. Warranty coupon is valid only if the following information has been filled in: model, serial number of inside and outside unit, date of purchase, information about the installer, customer signature. Violation in full or partially of above mentioned conditions make the warranty coupon void.
  2. Manufacturer provides 24 (twenty four) months from that date of purchase warranty for all claims due to the manufacturer’s defects of units.
  3. Manufacturer does not cover warranty in the following cases:
  4. If units have (not?) been used for the primary purpose;

    In a case of violation of the rules of operation and installation of units as well as repairing done by unauthorized persons or companies;

    If units has visible signs of intrusion or attempt of repairing from the side of unauthorized persons or companies;

    If defects caused by changing of construction or scheme without manufacturer’s approval;

  5. Warranty claim not cover the following defects:
  6. Mechanical deformation caused after accepting goods by consumer;

    Defects caused by electrical power fluctuations or other similar effects;

    Defects caused by use of non standard and/or low quality assembling components or materials, spare parts etc.

  7. Installation of the units must be done authorized installer only.