OLMO Heaters

Amager Series:

  • Indoor heater. Eco-heat: normal humidity, does not burn dust
  • Increased thermo and economy – increased area of the heating fins
  • Comfort. Automatic maintaining of the set temperature by 1°C for electro-mechanical thermostat
  • Security for children. Rollover protection and overheating protection
  • Can be installed in wet areas
  • The second safety class – grounding required!
  • The legs or castors (optional)
  • Ergonomic design, rounded plastic edges of the front panel
  • Anti-freeze function: maintaining the temperature of +5…+ 7°C
Model OL-1000 M
Nominal power consumption kW 1
The main heating m2 10
Additional heating m2 16
Current consumption A 3,9-4,5
Weight kg 5,0
Dimensions mm 680х460х115
Model OL-1500 M
Nominal power consumption kW 1,5
The main heating m2 15
Additional heating m2 24
Current consumption A 5,8-6,8
Weight kg 5,8
Dimensions mm 805х460х115
Model OL-2000 M
Nominal power consumption kW 2,0
The main heating m2 20
Additional heating m2 32
Current consumption A 7,8-9,1
Weight kg 6,6
Dimensions mm 930х460х115
Model OL-2500 M
Nominal power consumption kW 2,5
The main heating m2 25
Additional heating m2 40
Current consumption A 9,8-11,4
Weight kg 7,5
Dimensions mm 1055х460х115