Air conditioners

  • The latest innovative models in 2014 !!! Assembling on the plant, belonging Hitachi in China, according to the Japanese standards
  • 3D flow technology – 3D airflow technology:
    • the air intake from three sides
    • improved heat transfer is ultra-fast cooling
    • maximum energy savings
    • effective air cleaning
    • innovative 3D Design “Soft plus”
  • Effective air cleaning – kit includes two filters:
    • photocatalytic filter is effective against the microbes, it also has good deodorizing ability to easily eliminate unpleasant odors. Photocatalytic filter can be updated by placing it in the sun for 6-8 hours after 3-4 months of use
    • filter with silver ions kills bacteria in the air and controls the growth of microbes such as viruses, fungi and spores, and destroying their inner configuration
OLMO Air Conditioners

Commercial air conditioners

  • Wide angle airflow ideal for offices
  • Built-in drain pump with a lift height up to 500 mm
  • Three fan speeds
  • Fan with low noise level created by aerodynamic configuration “three-dimensional screw”
  • The ability to connect individual wired remote control. The control commands from Central control.
  • Organization of control using the Central console
OLMO Commercial


  • Indoor heater. Eco-heat: normal humidity, does not burn dust
  • Increased thermo and economy – increased area of the heating fins
  • Comfort. Automatic maintaining of the set temperature by 1°C for electro-mechanical thermostat
  • Security for children. Rollover protection and overheating protection
  • Can be installed in wet areas
  • The second safety class – grounding required!
  • The legs or castors (optional)
  • Ergonomic design, rounded plastic edges of the front panel
  • Anti-freeze function: maintaining the temperature of +5…+ 7°C
OLMO Heaters