About OLMO

OLMO We care about air

OLMO is the trusted producer of a new generation of HVAC equipment. In both design and construction, technological and industrial advantages of present time are matched with materials of the future.

With consumer satisfaction at the top of our priority list, we start by meeting demands at the drawing board. Once a stylish and compact design has been drawn up, innovative technologies are incorporated to ensure high energy efficiency and low noise level. Pairing these desirable features with affordable price tags makes OLMO an easy choice for contemporary customers.

Applying cutting-edge tech to provide steadfast solutions has always been the main driving force of our brand’s growth and, so, our strategy remains. In collaboration with Japan’s top manufacturers, we are consistently implementing leading market technology to create comfortable, energy saving, reliable and user-friendly equipment. The product: ductless mini-split systems that impress from the drawing board to the showroom floors.

Our production facility, the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world, is chosen by over 17 million families across 150 countries each year. As OLMO air conditioners are assembled in the same factory as some of the market’s leading brands, our A/C systems utilize the same compressors and electronic components as more familiar household names. In collaboration with Midea, we meet customer demands with ultimate quality and high reliability backed by durability and affordable price tags.