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OLMO We care about air

Our Company OLMO Industries Ltd. is a producer of new generation of HVAC equipment. Our design and construction combine both technological and industrial advantages of present time together with the materials of future.

The main objective is to provide 100% satisfaction to our consumers, meeting all of their wishes and requirements about the design of the product. Our stylish and compact design, high efficiency and low noise level all together make it an ideal choice for the contemporary customers.

The technical innovations and solutions have always been the main driving force of the company growth and therefore it is our strategy to use only leading technology to produce comfortable, energy saving, reliable and simple -to- use equipment. We produce our ductless mini-split systems with close cooperation of famous Japanese companies.

We put compressors and the electronic and managing components from leading world known comanies.

Despite the fact that we are spending less time to produce our equipment than our competitors, the final product has ultimate quality, highest reliability and built-to-last. It gives us possibility to offer the best price to the customers.

OLMO is the product for all who care about the highest standards of quality along with reasonable prices.

Our production facility is the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in the world, chosen by over 17 million families last year, in over 150 countries. So when you choose Our Olmo products, you can be absolutely confident you’re choosing the most up to date and reliable technology available.

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